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If you desire to meet the Lord Jesus Christ and want to let Him radically change your life, or if you have a prayer request, please let me know. Also, check out my testimonial blog radsav.blogspot.com  & facebook pagefacebook.com/radsavministries


Prayer request are kept in complete confidence. Each prayer request is prayed over individually. Each request is presented before the throne of God. 

MY CONTACT INFO: To send in a prayer request, or contact us, fill out the form below.

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Direct contact info is as follows:  Radically Saved Ministries

                                                                       P.O. Box 5221

                                                               Cordele, GA  31010-5221

                                                                 Phone: 229-337-6173

                                                               Email: mike@radicallysavedministries.com

(I do want to note that Radically Saved Ministries is based upon testimony of my personal relationship with Christ and my journey with Him. I am Catholic and there is a dynamic story and testimony of that journey. (I was saved in a Southern Baptist Church and raised in the Assemblies of God)  However, I do want to note that this website is not part of, or in association with, any Catholic church or Dioceses.)